Upcycled wool activity scarf-e



Sale price: $125.00 (original price $143.00)

A valuable resource for a carer at home  or for aged care facility staff to help divert, create easy conversations, reduce anxiety and engage in meaningful activities for the person living with dementia. The Scarf-e is an alternative to an apron for the wandering or chair bound  person who likes to fiddle with objects/clothing. Fully washable.


  • Various wool colours and patterns available – may change
  • 6 tethers and clasps for attaching activities
  • 1 x tactile round wooden puzzle
  • 1 x set of visual inspirational cards
  • 1 x cognitive activity – Winding and weaving on silicone  spinifex item for relaxation
  • 1 x set of 4 Assorted Photo’s  to help interaction and invoke reminiscence stories
  • Add two additional personal items as desired

UPCYCLED WOOL SCARF-E  – ITEM CODE: STSUW   – To see the range of colours or order click here

FAIR TRADE YAK LIGHTWEIGHT WOOL SCARF-E    – ITEM CODE:STSFY – To see the range of colours or order click here


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