Large Lap Blanket #7
Large Lap Blanket #7Large Lap Blanket #7Large Lap Blanket #7Large Lap Blanket #7Large Lap Blanket #7Large Lap Blanket #7

Sensory Lap blanket – Large # 7


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Product Description


The  sensory lap blanket is designed to sit in the lap of the person living with dementia who is fidgety or seeks out sensory input. To engage the person the sensory blanket provides a variety of visual & tactile patchwork square experiences which may include a selection of the following – sliding rings/buckles, crocheted rosettes, ribbons, soft toys, zippers, fastened tapes, crinkle paper enclosed, beads on cords and different textured fabrics .

This  large lap blanket measures   70 cm x 70 cm and is backed by a durable cotton fabric.

Hand wash or wash on delicate/wool cycle. Not for industrial washers.

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Additional Information

Weight 3.24 kg
Dimensions 36 x 30 x 15 cm