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The GAMES C.A.P dvd  focuses solely on the types of visual quizzes found in sets 8 and 9 of the regular C.A.P. discs. With in excess of 70 individual games variety is assured. Particularly focusing on recall and reasoning, these games are valuable in promoting memory function. All games have bright, clear pictures, and the amount of time given to answer each can be easily adjusted by using the pause button, meaning that the sets can be adapted for a wide range of abilities. May be viewed on tv screen or computer screen.  Printable worksheets and answer sheets are also provided via a website link inside the dvd cover.

There are four categories of games –

  • How Observant Are you? (recall game like Kims game where memory of pictures seen is tested)
  • The Odd One Out (which picture doesn’t belong)
  • Spot the Changes (pictures first shown are then altered)
  • What’s Missing (one picture is removed from a group of six)?

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