Calmer by Nature Two DVD

Calmer By Nature Two DVD


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The Calmer by Nature  Two DVD follows the very successful theme of the original Calmer by Nature. It offers relaxing calming visual images of wildlife and serene scenery without people, music or voiceover; just nature’s calls, sounds and silences. Helpful for inducing a calmer demeanour in the anxious person. Extensive 26 chapter menu allows selection and discussion.

This magical adventure answers our call of the wild,  carries you  to special wild places, rivers, woods, forests, wildlife and the sea.

Viewers will encounter relaxing forest and  river scenes filmed through spring leaves  and see four different types of wild deer, including a magnificent red stag bellowing through the forest during the rut. You will watch swallows and woodpeckers feeding their young, sheep with their lambs calling and seals swimming in the sea with their pups. There are wild pigs in the forest picking bracken and making their bed for the night, and badgers and a fox eating together in the moonlight. Along the river’s edge you will watch trout, see geese with their goslings, swans making a nest and others with their new cygnets in their leafy hollowed nest.

Running time: 67 minutes

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