Deck of Fun Matching Activity

Deck of Fun – Matching Activity


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Deck of Fun – matching activity is a one to one cognitive activity using familiar playing cards designed by designed by Sandra Bowen, a registered nurse/ dementia care educator with post-graduate qualifications in dementia care and gerontology . Consisting of 13 cards cut into two pieces in different ways, the person living with dementia must  join the two halves of each card. Ideal for 1 : 1 or in pairs. May be played without support or can be utilised with care staff or family and friends.

The activity aims to stimulate understanding of the task, visual-spatial skills, recognition and discrimination, eye-hand coordination and language. Discuss the images to stimulate conversation, vintage cards may aid with reminiscence.

There are 5 different styles of cards (including vintage cards)  in each set and the player can be guided in a number of ways to achieve a match:

  • colour of the card
  • suit : Spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts
  • picture on the back
  • number/type of card
  • shape of card piece
  • size of card piece

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