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This reminiscing resource on CD includes sound scenes of yesteryear ranging in length from 30 seconds to 2 minutes each. The companion activity book for the CD includes reminiscing questions for each topic, as well as prop and music suggestions. Includes 14 sound scenes (trains, kitchen, farm, factory, city traffic, horse race, children’s playground, water sounds, county fair midway, harbour sounds, pond, zoo, thunderstorm, and baseball game); plus 25 mystery sounds that can be used as a guessing game (typewriter, billiard balls, sawing wood, fog horn, sewing machine,  telephone, rooster crow, and 18 more). 32-minute CD with 18-page book. Copyright 1991.

Note: Although this is an American product only one of the Sounds of Yesteryear, and two of the Mystery sounds are particularly American, and can be skipped over if necessary. All the remaining sounds will be familiar to Australian audiences and activity booklet questions are largely relevant.


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