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Animal Bingo


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Product Description

Animal Bingo is a group activity for up to 8 players, and a bingo caller to run the session. Suitable for for those at early and later stages of their dementia journey, the game is designed to help maintain cognitive functions and social participation.

The bingo caller plays the different sounds on the CD in shuffle mode, whilst players put counters on the matching image. The caller will also have a flip book to show images of the animals alongside the sounds as an extra prompt. To win, a player needs to match 9 animals on their card and shout Bingo!

May be played without the Audio CD as a regular picture bingo game using the flip book to show the animals called.


  • Bingo Cards x8
  • Flip picture book with instructions
  • Animal Sounds CD
  • Bingo caller card
  • Wooden counters x 92

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