Orange Peel 60 cm balloon
New Pink 60 cm balloonOrange Peel 60 cm balloonNew Pink 60 cm balloonLavender 60 cm balloonKiwi Green 60 cm balloonCaribbean Blue 60 cm balloonSunshine Yellow 60 cm balloonApple Red 60 cm balloonPack of four assorted bold giant 60 cm balloonsPack of four assorted pastel giant 60 cm balloons

Giant Balloon 60 cm



Product Description

Large 60 cm diameter latex balloon is round in shape and ideal for exercise groups, sensory stimulation, gross motor games such as balloon volleyball.

These 60 cm latex giant balloon is thinner than our 90 cm giant balloon, with a smaller opening for easier tying and easier  inflation due to  smaller neck diameter to fit on a hand balloon pump.   Note though, they will not be as durable as our 90 cm balloons and you may need to replace more frequently depending on usage.

Sold as pack of four only. One free balloon clip included. Purchase a hand pump or electric inflator separately.

Single Colours – pack of four

Code: GGBAR Apple Red
Code: GGBSY Sunshine Yellow
Code: GGBCB Caribbean Blue
Code: GGBKG Kiwi Green
Code: GGBLA Lavender
Code: GGBBP Bright Pink
Code: GGBNP New Pink
Code: GGBOP Orange Peel

Assorted Colours – pack of four

Code: GGBAP Pastel Assorted (sunshine yellow, caribbean blue, new pink and robin’s egg blue)
Code: GGBAB Bold Assorted (sunshine yellow, kiwi green, apple red and royal blue)




Additional Information


Apple Red, Kiwi Green, Bright Pink, New Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Lavender, Orange Peel, Caribbean Blue, Pastel Assorted, Bold Assorted