Build and Feed Kit

Build and Feed Kit


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A simple practical nature activity for the bird loving person living with dementia,  to engage in. The Build and Feed kit contains 4 x feeder sticks and 4 x perches – Each person is given a feeder stick and perch to put together. The activity involves applying peanut butter onto the feeder stick and rolling it in birdseed spread out on paper sheet. The perch is then slid through the hole in the feeder stick and the stick is ready to hang by its hook in a tree or shrubbery. Then its time to watch the birds enjoy their treat.


  • 4 x feeder sticks
  • 4 x perches
  • instructions

You supply – peanut butter or nut free alternative e.g. tahini, small mixed bird seeds, protective table covering, spatula to spread the paste.

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