Memory Support Kit - Oranges and Lemons
Memory Support Kit - Oranges and Lemons 1Oranges and Lemons Picture BookMemory Support Kit - Oranges and Lemons 1Oranges and Lemons reminiscence DVD with musicOranges and Lemons reminiscence DVD with music

Memory Support Activity Kit – Oranges and Lemons 1


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The Memory Support Activity Kit has three themed activities to aid in the recall of pleasurable times of growing citrus trees  in the back yard, picking fruit, chopping it up and making marmalade, squeezing it to make juice and lemonade, sipping lemon tea, and eating marmalade on toast.  Designed to promote reminiscence and social communication in the person living with dementia. Ideal engagement activities for carers of loved ones living with dementia at home or for visiting community support / respite staff spending time with the client living with dementia.

Memory Support Kit Contents :

1 x Reminiscence DVD – Oranges and Lemons – short films and an onscreen jigsaw featuring citrus and citrus related activities such as  Picking oranges and lemons, cooking, chopping fruit, washing bottles, making pavlova, Botanical Gardens’ trees in yellows and orange colour themes, flowers close-up and children drinking orange juice.

1 x Picture Book – Oranges and Lemons   images related to the dvd including picking the fruit, making marmalade,   drinking lemon tea, making orange juice and also yellow and orange colours in nature, such as autumn leaves and flowers

1 x 16 piece cardstock jigsaw – Lemon tea with toast and marmalade (pink background)

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