LifeSongs Recordable Memory Book
Lifesongs Memory BookLifesongs Memory BookLifesongs Memory Book

LifeSongs Recordable Memory Book

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A 12-page scrapbook that you turn into a “lifesong” with captions, music, recordings of your voice, familiar songs, poetry, prayers or stories.

Perfect gift from family member to a loved one living with dementia or other memory impairment the LifeSongs book is a personal timeline that tells the life story of the person by using both photos and sound. Memories may be sparked by recording speech, sounds or meaningful music combined with chosen photos arranged in key life chapters. Listening to the recordings (initiated by the family member, a caregiver, relative or visitor) while looking at the photos in the book acts to assist in reminding people who they are by bringing them  to a familiar place and time in the past where they remember themselves and possibly the family members concerned.

Sitting with the person living with dementia and going through this book with them may assist not only in evoking memories and promoting a connection with them, but may be used by care staff as a distraction technique to diffuse anxiety and agitation, and provide a sense of security in the absence of family members who cannot be there at a particular time.:

  • 12 pages in the book with 12 matching buttons for recording sounds.
  • powered by three AAA batteries
  • can record up to 60 seconds of sound for each page button

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