Mindful Activities Kit - Set of five activities
Sample set of Matching Pairs ActivitySample set of Odd One Out cardsA few examples of odd one out cardsSample set of Spot the Difference cardsA sample of spot the difference cardPass the Envelope group activityA sample set of conversation cardsA few examples of some conversation cards

Mindful Activities Kit


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A set of 5 activity packs designed by Sandra Bowen, a registered nurse/ dementia care educator with post-graduate qualifications in dementia care and gerontology. Each activity pack has a focus on stimulating and promoting memory, conversation and other cognitive activities in the person living with dementia, acquired brain injury or intellectual disability. All items including instruction cards, are laminated for keeping clean and enabling durability. NOTE: Photos are of Australian content and may vary from set to set and from those shown in website product photos.

Pack One – Matching Pairs – participants must place a picture on top of its pair on an A4 sized sheet of four photos of familiar items. Two A4 sheets (4 photos per sheet) and 8 single photos in this pack.

Pack Two – Odd One Out – participants must find the object that doesn’t belong in a photo of familiar items. 9 photos in this pack.

Pack Three – Spot the Difference -Two identical photos except for a change in one of the photos, are shown to participant who must look for the difference. 6 pairs of photos of familiar objects in this pack.

Pack Four – Conversation Cards – Six photos of familiar items with  conversation prompts on the back of each photo.

Pack Five – Pass the Envelope – A large envelope is passed around a group of participants and when the music stops one participant is asked to open the envelope, remove a smaller envelope and fulfil the instructions / do a task or answer a question. Play continues until the big envelope is empty. I.e. based on the familiar childhood game of Pass the Parcel.

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