Baby Boy Doll – Ethan


Lifelike baby doll for assisting in the soothing and calming of the client with dementia and for providing an outlet for the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

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Product Description

Baby boy doll Ethan is a sleeping dark-skinned baby doll suitable for use in child representation therapy. He is made with a gentle touch soft silicone vinyl head and 3/4 limbs in a dark skin tone. The cuddly cloth body is  filled with polyester fibre filling. The doll is able to be posed.  Hair is embedded mohair which is washable.  Very lightweight i.e not realistic weight for size however is suitable for the frail person living with dementia to hold and cuddle.

Comes with clothes set as pictured, magnetic pacifier and bottle.

Length – 55 cm (22 inches) approx.
Weight – 1.4 kg (approx 3 lb)

Caution – This baby doll has a magnet fitted in the head for the dummy so care should be taken around people fitted with pacemakers and also around other electronic equipment such as computers as magnets can interfere with these devices.

Item Code: STDB3

Additional Information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 40.0 × 20.0 × 18.0 cm