Conversation Cards for Adults



Set of 52 conversation cards featuring photos and questions related to familiar words.

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Product Description

This set of Conversation Cards for Adults are designed to encourage individuals experiencing memory loss to reminisce about an event or experience from their lives.


  • The set consists of a deck  of 52 jumbo sized  23 cm x 15 cm two-sided cards featuring familiar words.
  • The front of each card has a large, vivid photograph and the corresponding name of the item printed in bold, large-print text.
  • The back of each card features nine questions—a combination of (4) closed-ended, (2) open-ended, (1) either/or, and (2) “Did you know” trivia questions.

Egs of words – apple, telephone, baby, doll, chocolate, alarm clock.

Item Code: RTCCA

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