This or That? Conversation Ball

Conversation Ball – This or That?



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Product Description

The perfect icebreaker or “getting to know you” game with the added benefit of some physical fitness and a lot of fun.

  • This conversation ball features over 70 simple “This or That” type questions (such as “Sweet or Salty?”, “Lake or Ocean?”, “Invisible or Mind Reader?”).
  • Group participants can throw the ball or pass the ball to others in a musical chairs style game. When the ball is caught or the music stops, the player with the ball answers the question that has been selected by the position of their thumb on the ball.
  • Ideal for one-on one sessions or group activities and easily adapted for all age and functioning levels
  • Includes an activity sheet with ideas for use

Ball inflates to beach ball size, balloon pump sold separately.

Item Code: GCBTH

Additional Information

Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 28 x 22 x 2 cm