A Little Dose of Happiness Video Comfort Card

A Little Dose of Happiness Video Comfort Card


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A Little Dose of Happiness Video Comfort Card is a card that has inside of it a 4.3 inch LCD video screen and high quality sound to provide up to 5 minutes of visual and verbal comfort for a loved one when a loved one cannot be present. The Video Comfort Card is quite diverse and can be utilised in a variety of situations, for example: simulated presence therapy for people living with dementia, a meaningful gift for a loved one, a gift for any long distance relationship and so on.


  •  A loving video message is recorded on a mobile phone, electronic device or camera and is transferred to a computer via the micro USB/USB cord provided.
  • The video file is then downloaded from the computer to the Comfort Card via the USB cord and the video card is ready to post or take anywhere
  • The Comfort Cards have 3GP, MP4, ASF, AVI video support, and the message can be updated with a new message by following simple instructions provided.
  • There is space for the giver to write a personal message on the inner of the card.
  • The Video Card is easily charged through the micro USB/USB cable provided when plugged into a computer (where computer charging is not easily accessible, a separate USB charging cord will need to be purchased by the customer)


  •  A care recipient with dementia who is new to an aged care facility may feel anxious and seek comfort and familiarity, asking for family members. If implemented in a timely manner, the provision of a visual and audio representation of a familiar person in the Comfort Card may aid in reducing this anxiety
  • The card can also be used to remind a person about a fact, event or date (termed spaced retrieval), allowing the person to maintain some independence and reduce involvement in repeated questioning to care staff
  • For persons with English as a second language, the Comfort Card could act like a translator. Family members can record phrases, instructions or reminders in the person’s familiar and preferred language


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