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Mindful Activities Interests Picture Books



Product Description

These picture books are aimed at filling a gap for people who like to read but cannot cope with a lot of words and text. Designed by Sandra Bowen, a registered nurse/ dementia care educator with post-graduate qualifications in dementia care and gerontology, the books are  for use by people living with dementia, ABI and ID with the aim to assist them to keep “reading”. Filled with photos relevant to a particular interest, many of the pages also have descriptor words printed in large print on them.

The pleasure in turning pages, reading/looking at pictures, even just engaging with a book, supports previous routines and pastimes.

3 titles – Natural Wonders (hard cover) , Flowers (hard cover), Water (soft cover)

Why these books?

  • Easy to handle in bed or a chair
  • A small number of pages enables success in finishing
  • The paper is stronger to resist tearing
  • The pictures are suitable for men or women
  • The pages are numbered for those who like numbers
  • Can be used alone, with staff, or family and friends, 1:1 or in a group

Item Code: BMAS Set of three picture books
Item Code: BMAN Natural Wonders Picture Book
Item Code: BMAF Flowers Picture Book
Item Code: BMAW Water Picture Book

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Set of 3 books, Natural Wonders, Flowers, Water