Mineral Mosaics Artwork Kit – Makes 32


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Product Description

This artwork kit contains four reproducible pictures (photocopy as many times as you like for future use) onto which small colourful chipboard squares are glued to produce beautiful artworks. The colouring on the chipboard squares is based on 49 beautiful rocks and minerals. This kit has enough mosaic squares to make 32 posters. Glue sticks are recommended for attaching the mosaic squares (not included in kit).

Contents of kit:

  • Approx 2,500 chipboard squares – each measures 2cm square
  • Mosaics are based on 49 rocks and minerals.
  • Full-colour poster of mineral information.
  • 4 reproducable, ready to hand out pattern sheets – butterfly, lizard, flower and fish.

Item Code: AKMM 

Additional Information

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Dimensions 30.0 × 27.0 × 3.0 cm