Eleven objects to manipulate and explore

Introductory Offer of $160.00 on New Activity Box for Fidgety People Living With Dementia

Fidget Fun Tool Box

Fidget Fun Tool Box                                                  

Fidget Fun Tool Box is a box of various manipulative objects designed to engage and calm the fidgety person with dementia. 11 objects are manipulated for e.g. by twisting, turning, rolling, sliding, spinning and folding,  and therefore may assist in maintaining fine motor skills.

The Box is a sturdy green plastic toolbox style with clip shut latches. Instructions for usage and care included.

Note: we recommend supervision of the client with this box of activities and should not be used with clients who are at risk of mouthing objects.

*NB – Price reverts to $210.00 for each tool box once ten boxes are sold.

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Popping rainbow ball

Push a button to make it pop out of another hole in the ball

Twisting atoms fidget activity

Twist the atoms of this molecule like fidget


Loopeez fidget rings

Flip the colored plastic pieces around and around the dual axes of the rings

Folding cube

Folding cube

Bendy bike chain fidget

Bendy bike chain fidget

Marble sleeve

Marble sleeve

Fidget Widgets - Twisting item

Twisting a cylinder

Fidget Widgets turning item

Turning a mini windmill

Fidget Widgets - Sliding item

Sliding balls along a cord

Fidget Widgets - Rolling item

Rolling an enclosed ball bearing

Fidget Widget - Spinning item

Spinning two propeller like blades