Moving van

Great things are happening! Box ‘n’ Dice has moved to Adelaide to begin a new adventure.

Healthcare Innovations Australia acquires Box ‘n’ Dice – Making 1+1+1 = 5

Healthcare Innovations Australia (HIA) and Box ‘n’ Dice are delighted to announce that Box ‘n’ Dice has moved to be part of HIA’s operation in Adelaide. HIA’s acquisition of Box ‘n’ Dice brings together expertise and resources, from not just across the country, but across the world, to create the very best in Activities provision for the Australian market. HIA is a long established company which is a leader in the market for medical sheepskin and assistive technology for those with disabilities.

HIA is majority owned by a family company, BES Healthcare Ltd, in the UK, which a few years ago acquired a company much like Box ‘n’ Dice in the UK, a company named Activities to Share.

BES’ intent from the start was to bring their Activities to Share line of business to Australia through HIA. Having analysed the market, HIA was faced with the decision of whether to set up a business from scratch and add more competition into the market, or whether to acquire an existing company and build from its existing base. Box ‘n’ Dice seemed an ideal partner, and BES’ Chairman, Dirk ter Haar, met with Peta Paton (founder and owner of Box ‘n’ Dice) in Berlin while she was on vacation in Europe (before the pandemic), to explore the opportunity together.

Box ‘n’ Dice had reached a size where it would be challenging for Peta to expand the business without having to take things up a level in terms of facilities and staff. So the timing was right from Peta’s point of view.

The main benefits from the acquisition will be to combine the existing successful Box ‘n’ Dice business with HIA’s larger scale and capabilities, alongside combination with Activities to Share’s existing resources. From a customer’s point of view, this will mean a greater range of products, further support packages, and better opportunities to interact with the business.

We know that Peta has always offered exceptional service to her customers, and we know how important that is. So we are committed to continuing this, in that it is just as much a part of HIA’s DNA as it is Box ‘n’ Dice’s.

We’d like to assure all customers and suppliers that we are not here to “make a quick buck”. We want to consolidate and grow what Peta has already developed through providing unrivalled service, product range and quality, and resources, to Activities providers in care facilities, retirement villages and community settings.

We are moving the stock across from Perth to Adelaide, so there will be a slight delay in processing orders at the beginning of April. However we will do our very best to keep this disruption as minimal as possible. We’d appreciate your patience with us as we get up to speed. There will also be some changes with contact and bank details in due course.

If you have any questions or any suggestions of what you’d love to see us do with the business while we are setting up in Adelaide, then we’d love to hear them.