Sample Easter Picture Bingo game card



Sample Easter Picture Bingo Card

Sample Easter Picture bingo card


Easter Picture Bingo

A downloadable and printable picture bingo game  featuring symbols and traditions of Easter including Christian and secular. Instead of numbers being called, the names of the pictures are called out  and players place their bingo counters on the pictures on their cards. Each player card has 16 pictures and also has the words printed underneath to aid location of the picture. Use your own bingo counters to play the game.
This game is suitable for clients with good cognition or minimal cognitive dysfunction and good listening skills are required as some pictures have slight variations e.g. red egg versus blue egg or one chicken versus three chickens.

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Easter Manual of Activities

Easter Manual of Activities

Also available from Box ‘n’ Dice is our Easter Manual of Resources and Activity Ideas

Includes fact sheets on Lent, Easter and Pentecost; origins of Easter, Easter symbols and Easter in other lands (suitable for discussion and reminiscing). Also quizzes, crosswords and other brainteasers; crafts, recipes and recreational games including traditional Easter egg games.


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Easter Manual of Activities on CD

Easter Manual of Activities on CD

Easter Manual of Resources and Activity Ideas on CD

All the activities mentioned in the above hard copy are  available in CD format, where all activities  are stored as pdfs, and can be opened up on your computer to be printed off as desired.

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