Relish 63p Large Piece Jigsaw- Farmer's Market

All New Aquapaints and Jigsaws from Relish (previously known as Active Minds)

Active Minds, now called Relish. are on the march with many new products for people living with dementia. The new  name Relish  better reflects the ambitions of this quality company. They relish joy and happiness, they relish time spent together and the stories shared around the fire, they relish wonderful memories and new experiences. To the company Relish,  it’s a promise – if they can help people with dementia and their carers enjoy life to the full through engagement and connection, then they believe they have done  a good job.

Plastic jigsaws are no more – Relish is now providing quality eco-friendly laminated cardboard jigsaws in 13p, 35p and 63p. Note – they can still be wiped clean, a unique feature of the plastic jigsaws.

Aquapaints now bear the Relish name and the popular titles are still there with same pictures but different names. As our stocks of Active Minds Aquapaints dwindle, they will gradually be replaced  by the Relish titles. E.g. In the Garden will be renamed Garden Wonders, The Toolshed will be renamed Home Improvements.