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Skittles – Wooden

Prices Don’t Always Go Up

Box ‘n’ Dice are pleased to be able to say that some of our products have gone down in price, as we have been able to lower some of their base costs. In the spirit of Christmas giving we are happy to pass on the savings to you our loyal customers. Huge Savings on our […]

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Alan Tyson Singalong DVD range

Seven albums of singalong DVD’s produced, sung and played on a Yamaha keyboard, by Tasmanian Alan Tyson. Each album has 40 songs that are printed in large easy to read print on the television screen and are sung in keys that are easy to follow. The songs are a mixture of golden oldies, country, past […]

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Weighted Lap Pads – What’s the deal?

Preliminary findings of some studies with clients with dementia,  seem to suggest that weighted items may assist with mangement of agitation, aggression and anxiety by providing deep pressure sensory input which provides a sense of comfort and security. Weighted blankets and lap bags/pads are increasingly being used in this area, though more study is needed.The […]

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New Therapy Dolls Now Available

Doll therapy has been around for some time and though there has been little studies done on the effectiveness of the use of baby dolls to assist in the alleviation of agitation in clients with dementia, anecodotal evidence supports the use of them when done properly and assitance of agencies such as the Dementia Behaviour […]

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Olympic rings

Olympic Games Activities

It’s not long now till the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro from the 5th to the 21st August 2016. Are you ready to roll with some Olympic Games activities? Click on the picture to see what is on offer in our activity catalogue.

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Aquapaint water painting activity


Introducing Aquapaint – A reusable water painting activity for people living with dementia and Alzheimers Disease. Four sets available, each with four pictures to paint and re-use over and over again.  

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