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A large print activity publication written specifically for seniors in nursing homes, hotels, retirement villages and day care programs. ie. rather than being an instruction manual as some of our competitors offer, Snippets directly addresses the client, inviting them to read and discuss, do the word games and puzzles, contribute poetry and stories and submit their reader profile.

Each month, Snippets Newsletter, which consists of 8 pages of material, is emailed to subscriber ready for printing as many times as is needed for that one facility’s clients. Alternatively the newsletter may be used by activity workers as a resource for individual and/or group activities. The subscriber also receives a complimentary Events calendar for the month following the issue that has been sent. This allows activity professionals to plan ahead with their activity events.

Content includes:

Articles, trivia, brainteasers, poetry, stories and other pieces of information related to the seasonal event that is occurring at the time stimulate ORIENTATION to what’s happening in the community. Carers and activity workers can use this information in informal DISCUSSIONS AND REMINISCENCE sessions, especially with those clients who may not be able to read the newsletter.

Poetry, stories, jokes etc submitted by mentally alert residents enables them to INTERACT WITH OTHER SENIORS IN THE COMMUNITY and to have their SELF ESTEEM boosted by being published. Carers or activity workers can encourage independent participation or assist a writing group to get together to send in their contributions.

Quizzes, wordgames and crosswords providing MENTAL STIMULATION and recreation may be done by the individual reader or the activity workers may use in their group activities.

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