Food Fun - Food Based Activities for Groups

Food Fun – Food Based Activities for Groups


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Looking for new ideas for activity groups based on food? This wire bound manual authored by Nutrition Consultants Australia is a resource for activity organisers that is  not about recipes but about the exploration of food beyond cooking such as ​​its ​​expression in various cultural traditions and artistic presentations, its ​​​diversity in gift-giving and fundraising, its ​capacity to be a theme for outings, and of course it’s also about cooking and the sharing that cooking invokes – food gifts, dropping in for a cuppa, and so much more​ 

Meaningful and engaging food based activities stimulate pleasant memories and thus are great for reminiscing, assist in maintaining dexterity and provide visual, touch, sound and smell sensory experiences. They contribute to supporting nutritional help and maintaining hydration.

Chapters include but are not limited to the following:

  • How food based activities support nutritional health
  • How to provide food based activities that meet food safety regulations
  • Ideas for when there are no cooking facilities
  • Ideas for Cook Now, Eat Now activities
  • Ideas for Cook Now, Eat Later activities
  • Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor activities
  • Ideas for Outings, Gifts and Fundraising
  • Ideas for Guest Speakers and Discussions
  • Ideas for Culture and the Arts

62 pages.

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