On Snippets Newsletter – I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the past editions and look forward to continuation of same. Our residents and volunteers ‘love’receiving their Snippets.’ Rae Harding, Diversional Therapist, Jamestown Health Service SA. (Jan 2010)

On Snippets Newsletter – “I love the Snippets Newsletter and our community members both in the hospital, aged care and living at home get so much enjoyment out of it. Thanks so much for an always interesting, varied and well researched paper, full of lots of things to do and ponder on.” Sue Ellery, Acting Coordinator, Orroroo, SA. (Nov 09)

On Snippets Newsletter – “Hi my name is Nola and I work at amity at Campbelltown in S.A. Adelaide. I love to receive our membership of snippets every month. It is such as great resource, and it helps me greatly and our residents love it. We also have many products which have helped in our planning of all our activities. I would not hesitate to join as it is worth while to have.” Nola Golding, South Australia , (Dec 08)

“The games and resource material you provide are such a joy to work with, our Residents are very happy with them.” Dawn Tomanic, Western Australia.

“Thank you for being so prompt with sending the manuals over. Your manuals are brilliant and I wish to congratulate you on your excellent products. I will be purchasing more as the money becomes available….” Judy Davey, Diversional Therapist, Victoria.

On Snippets Newsletter – “Thank you so much for a wonderful stimulating newsletter providing much enjoyment through your short, topical editorials; quizzes; crosswords (in particular) and points of interest etc. The residents, family members and staff at times, also enjoy reading them, which can assist in fostering workplace relationships between all. Thank you again.” Sandra Daly, Victoria. 

On Snippets Newsletter – “Thank you for replying, but most of all supplying us with an excellent resource that we have found a lifesaver time and time again.” Julieanne Cardwell, NSW

On Snippets Newsletter – “Thank you for a wonderful newsletter. It was very helpful in my past position, I even learned some things.I will certainly resubscribe if in a D.T. position again.” Debbie Webb, Diversional Therapist, Queensland.

I’m so glad I got onto you, you do a wonderful job with Snippets and Box n’ Dice.” Sue Sammartino, Diversional Therapist, NSW

On Crosswords Galore Volume 1 on CD – “Just to let you know that we used the crosswords today and they are a real success. We used them in our High Care section and the residents really enjoyed them as we haven’t tried anything like this before.Will look at getting the other CD in the near future.” Judy Davies, Diversional Therapist, Victoria